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Merry Christmas

Molly wishes her ever-expanding fan club a Merry Christmas.

(And so do we).


Today, we have acquired:

Arctic fox
- ten free bottles of wine (from the shop we bought our new kitchen from)
- two bags of sand (it's complicated)
- a bottle of 10 year old Glenmorangie at a knock-down price, plus beer, peel, cranberries, sugar and a Radio Times
- five more Christmas cards
- and, just now, a delivery of fruit, veg and dairy.

It's beginning to look a bit more like Christmas.

ETA: And not yet received, but backed on Kickstarter:
- Athena's Daughters, Volume 2.

And now it's beginning to look a lot like ChristmasCollapse )



Molly is such a generous cat - bringing us a mouse at 5.30am, depositing it outside the bedroom door, and then miaowing to let us know that it was there.

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I really feel I could do with this

Arctic fox
holiday love meme 2014
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Arctic fox
A very happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends and family (and indeed to everyone), including aranelcharis, arda_unmarred, camillofan, eglantine_br, eldritchhobbit, firin, gramarye1971, jhgowen, juliebeth, knitting_hobbit, lisa_marli, lynn_maudlin, mrkinch, pcooke, pellegrina, philosophymom, rthstewart scribblerworks and tree_and_leaf.